Outdoor screenings on Defilad Square

Join us between May 23 and June 4 for a series of free screenings of films from this year’s and earlier editions of the festival, organized jointly with the Plac Defilad project. The opening film of the cycle is Iryna Tsilyk’s The Earth is Blue as an Orange, a moving tale of a family living in Donbas. The films will be screened with original sound and Polish subtitles.

Screening schedule:

Monday, May 23 | 9 PM | Defilad Square

The Earth is Blue as an Orange, Lithuania, Ukraine 2020, 74 min., dir. Iryna Tsilyk
The story of a family living on the front line in Donbas, Ukraine. Anna, a single mother, is trying to create a safe haven for her four children. The family loves cinema and decides to make a film inspired by their own wartime life. More about this film >>

Friday, May 27 | 9 PM | Defilad Square

Remake Remix Rip-off, Turkey, Germany 2016, 96 min., dir. Cem Kaya
The story of Turkey’s incredible B-movie industry. In the 1960s and 70s Turkey became one of the biggest film producers in the world, adapting scripts and films from all over the planet. How did this happen? More about this film >>

Monday, May 30 | 9 PM | Defilad Square

The Art of Disappearing, Poland 2013, 50 min., dir. Bartek Konopka, Piotr Rosołowski
The unknown tale of vodou priest Amon Frémon, who visited the Polish People’s Republic in 1980. A metaphysical picture of the Socialist times through the eyes of a visitor from an entirely different culture. More about this film >>

Unguided Tour, Italy 1993, 71 min., dir. Susan Sontag
Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Susan Sontag’s film follows a couple visiting in the legendary city, leaving the viewer unsure whether this is a documentary or fiction. The structure of the movie contains elements of a dance show. With a form reminiscent of a film essay, this picture was inspired by Sontag’s own “Io, Eccetera”. This trip to Venice with the eminent intellectual serving as a guide is considered the most intimate of her film works. More about this film >>

Wednesday, June 1 | 9 PM | Defilad Square

My Joy, Ukraine, Germany 2010, 127 min., dir. Sergei Lozhnitsa
Truck driver Georgi leaves his hometown with a full load of freight. Forced to turn off the highway, he gets lost in the middle of nowhere in the Russian interior. As he desperately tries to find his way back, Georgi is drawn into a spiral of madness and violence. More about this film >>

Thursday, June 2 | 9 PM | Defilad Square

Italo Disco, Germany, Italy 2022, 62min., dir. Alessandro Melazzini 
“Italo Disco. The Sparkling Sound of the 80s” immerses the audience in a musical universe of an era. An era where millions of young Europeans would let loose to a wild beat of music made with synthetic and captivating melodies, more or less weird English lyrics, electronic rhythms and visionary music videos. Cybernetic tracks fueled hopes and dreams of the young musicians, who were capable of releasing mind-blowing pop, and always moving between trash and brilliance. More about the film >>

Friday, June 3 | 9 PM | Defilad Square

The Kingmaker, USA, Denmark 2019, 101 min., dir. Lauren Greenfield
Imelda Marcos became First Lady of the Philippines in 1965 and served as the country’s top diplomat during her husband’s presidency. Though the reign of the Marcos family ended in 1986 amidst accusations of misappropriating billions of dollars, to this day Imelda lives as if she were still in power. More about this film >>