dir. Tomasz Knittel / 2022 / Poland / 91min.
2022 – Millennium Docs Against Gravity – world premiere
A story full of paradoxes, twists and turns about the fate of the Warsaw football club AKS ZŁY and its members

The fully democratic Warsaw football club AKS ZŁY brings together representatives of different cultures and world views. Here, everyone is president and can influence the club's future, and women's and men's football are equally important. It is an experiment in which the friction of visions and personalities generates more excitement than the actual matches.

This story of the club and its members is throbbing with paradoxes, twists and turns of the tale. Is there a method in this whole madness and will the club get promoted to a higher division?

91 min
country / year of production:
Poland / 2022
Tomasz Knittel
Maciej Puczyński
Maciej Ostatek / Raban Foundation
selected festivals and awards:
2022 – Millennium Docs Against Gravity – world premiere
Fetish and Culture
Best Polish Film Award
Polish films sport activism

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