Brother Carl

dir. Susan Sontag / 1971 / Sweden / 97min.
A tale of dysfunctional couples

Same as the first film directed by Sontag, this also is a tale of dysfunctional couples.

Stage director Lena (Gunnel Lindblom) persuades her friend Karen (Geneviève Page) to accompany her on a visit to the secluded summer house which belongs to her ex-husband Martin (Keve Hjelm), a choreographer, on an island in the Stockholm archipelago. Martin left Lena five years earlier. Karen is married to Peter (Torsten Wahlund) and they have a deaf-mute daughter, Anna (Pernilla Åhlfeldt). Peter tries in vain to convince Karen not to go away. On the island the women are greeted by Martin. They also meet his friend Carl, a mentally disturbed ballet dancer. Carl is brother by guilt rather than blood, for Martin is somehow responsible for his breakdown.

97 min
country / year of production:
Sweden / 1971
Susan Sontag
Rune Ericson
Göran Lindgren / Sandrew Film & Teater AB
selected festivals and awards:
2021 – Jihlava IFF
Susan Sontag Retrospective
psychology theatre relations

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