House Made of Splinters

dir. Simon Lereng Wilmont / 2022 / Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine / 88min.
As the war in Eastern Ukraine takes a heavy toll on poor families, a small group of social workers work in a special kind of orphanage to create a safe space for kids

As the war in Eastern Ukraine takes a heavy toll on poor families living near the frontline, a small group of strong-willed social workers work tirelessly in a special kind of orphanage to create an almost magical safe space for kids to live in, while the state authorities and courts decide the future fate of the child and family.

88 min
country / year of production:
Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine / 2022
Simon Lereng Wilmont
Simon Lereng Wilmont
Monica Hellström / Final Cut For Real
selected festivals and awards:
2021 – FF Sundance; 2022 - Thessaloniki Documentary Festival: The FIPRESCI Award for the film in the International Competition, The Golden Alexander award of the International Competition
Intimate Stories
Millennium Bank Award – Grand Prix
psychology relations awarded Ukraine growing up

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