Film, the Living Record of Our Memory

dir. Inés Toharia / 2021 / Spain, Canada / 119min.
Film archivists, curators, technicians and filmmakers explain what film preservation is and why it is needed

As we move ever further into the digital age, our audiovisual heritage seems to be taken increasingly for granted. However, much of our filmed history and cinema has already been lost forever. 

Film archivists, curators, technicians and filmmakers from around the world explain what film preservation is and why it is needed. Our protagonists are custodians of film whose work behind the scenes safeguards the survival of motion pictures. It is a task they undertake based on their closely held belief in the artistic and cultural value of the moving image, in tune with a shared mantra that a film might one day transform someone’s life. This documentary is an homage to them all and sheds some light on their critical undertaking.

119 min
country / year of production:
Spain, Canada / 2021
Inés Toharia
Daniel Vilar
Isaac Garcia, Paul Cadieux / El Grifilm Productions, Filmoption International
selected festivals and awards:
2021 – DOC NYC New Jork, 2021 – Miami FF, 2021 – Cambridge FF: Silver Punt Award
Muse and Inspiration
Chopin’s Nose Award
history art pop culture movie about film

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