Infinity According to Florian

dir. Oleksiy Radynski / 2022 / Ukraine / 70min.
Bank Millennium Award for Best Ukrainian Film Director
Florian Yuriev is considered to be the Ukrainian Leonardo da Vinci — a genius painter who developed a whole theory of colour and musicality.

Florìan Yuriev wasn’t a filmmaker as such, even if moving images and the interaction of lights and sounds did play a major part in his art – which one could describe as the most expanded form of cinema. Yuriev was a painter who developed a whole theory of colour and musicality. He was an architect whose most famous creation also served as a movie hall, and was designed to host what he called Light Theatre performances. And as a true man of the 20th century, he did, of course, shoot films – yet without ever feeling the need to finish them.

Here, in Radynski's essayistic paean in honour of his unique contribution to Modernism, a life spent in defiance of orthodoxy and conformism, one gets for the first time ever generous glimpses of these little gems begging to be revealed – as another side of this polymath’s genius.

70 min
country / year of production:
Ukraine / 2022
Oleksiy Radynski
Max Savchenko
Lyuba Knorozok
selected festivals and awards:
2022 – MFF Rotterdam IFF
We Can Be Heroes
Chopin’s Nose Award
art cities architecture awarded-2 Ukraine

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