dir. Stefan Kolbe, Chris Wright / 2021 / Germany / 111min.
Stefan is an ice-cold woman-killer and the filmmakers must revise their first impression of him as a polite, shy man

The filmmakers first meet Stefan in 2015, in the therapy ward of Brandenburg Prison in Germany. Together, they are part of the therapy group “Masculinity and Identity“. Their first impression of a polite, shy man is quickly called into question by one of the warders – he tells them Stefan is an ice-cold woman-killer. Stefan S. does not want to be recognizable in the film. The filmmakers move scenes they have shot into a theater space. The part of the protagonist is taken by a puppet, manipulated by two female puppeteers.

The film moves between forms, at the limits of representation. Truth and falsehood blend in a cascade of presumption.


111 min
country / year of production:
Germany / 2021
Stefan Kolbe, Chris Wright
Stefan Kolbe
Heino Deckert / Filmproduction
selected festivals and awards:
2021 – Berlin IFF; 2021 – CPH:DOX Copenhagen; 2021 – IDFA Amsterdam
Intimate Stories
psychology theatre criminal

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