The Art of Silence

dir. Maurizius Staerkle Drux / 2021 / Switzerland, Germany / 81min.
Legendary pantomime artist Marcel Marceau inspires generations of artists. The execution of his Jewish father by the Nazis spurred his conviction in the art of silence

The first feature documentary about the legendary pantomime artist Marcel Marceau. He inspires several generations of artists, among them his own grandson and family, who cast a new light on his life’s work. As a child, Marceau experiences the execution of his Jewish father by the Nazis – a trauma that motivates him to join the French resistance and spurs his deep conviction in the art of silence.

81 min
country / year of production:
Switzerland, Germany / 2021
Maurizius Staerkle Drux
Raphael Beinder
Aline Schmid / Beauvoir Films
selected festivals and awards:
2021 – Solothurn FF
Muse and Inspiration
Chopin’s Nose Award
biopic art theatre relations

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